Friday, March 01, 2019

Drag Me to Hellboy

I immediately adopted a defensive tone when it came to the new Hellboy movie when it was announced because lord knows the fanboys had their claws out over Guillermo Del Toro & Co getting brushed off -- I love me some GDT and I enjoy both his Hellboy adventures but man this is Neil Marshall directing! That is not a thing to be scoffed at! Neil Marshall who gave us Dog Soldiers and The Descent, and all of the best episodes of A Game of Thrones! Anyway I was just now realizing I have this defensive tone but I haven't really seen much push-back to warrant that stance, so perhaps I should just get the chip off my shoulder and straight up say WHEE this looks fun. Also...

... yup I am very much going to be crushing on Hellboy now with David Harbour inside there -- his lovingly shot hirsuteness is only stamping that deal for certain. Oh and they're giving us a shape-shifting Daniel Dae Kim to boot???

I'm gonna need to hold a large bucket of popcorn in my lap while watching this movie. Hellboy is out on April 12th -- here's the full, fully insane, trailer:

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