Monday, February 11, 2019

Siggy Gets Lit

Every time Sigourney Weaver signs on to star in a movie that doesn't have the word "Avatar" in its title an angel gets its wings, so fly pretty angel fly -- Siggy's going to co-star opposite up-n-comer Margaret Qualley (we just posted about her last week so methinks she's hitting soon, snatching up tons of roles) in My Salinger Year, an adaptation of the memoir by Joanna Rakoff about her gig (Qualley) in the 1990s working for JD Salinger's literary agent (Weaver). I haven't read the book but it sounds very The Devil Wears Prada, am I right? Weaver's character is described as "stoic and old-fashioned" which doesn't exactly scream "Miranda Priestly rip-off" but the whole idea of a young woman getting a dream New York job and growing up in the process via a complicated female mentor, well, let's hope that Siggy has as much to work with as Meryl did anyway. Also bonus points for making me think of Working Girl!

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