Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Pantys 2018 - Actor to Actor #5

Among many things we're doing this week as part of our "Golden Trousers" awards we're taking a look at our 20 favorite performances of 2018 -- how we're doing this is we randomly selected ten pairs of names from our list and then we're imagining a moment between the two characters chosen. Ten times. You can see our previous ones here but for now here's our fifth random pairing from our 2018 faves...

Nina Geld (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) in All About Nina
meets Madame Blanc (Tilda Swinton) in Suspiria

Nina: Vaginas!! Am I right, ladies?
Madame Blanc: Ja! Ja! She is right, she is. 
I love this "comedy."
Dr. Klemperer: Eeet ees funny because uf 
the Frrrreudian connotations zurrounding ze womb 
ant ze primordial muzzah figgah.
Helena Markos: CUNTS!!!


Anonymous said...

This is amazing.

Daniel said...

Good luck topping this. This is PERFECT.

LOVING the Panties!