Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Lucas Hedges Thirteen Times

Lucas Hedges is showing some skin in this month's GQ, which has him on the cover and interviewed and also in a fairly substantial allotment of candy-colored photographs within. Fashion editorials are making me feel so old these days since they're favoring the same color schemes I grew up staring at -- everything's so early 90s right now I keep thinking I should dig out my Junior High overalls (with the one strap off the shoulder) look and nobody needs that shit! Speaking of hit the jump for the rest of this shoot...


Adrian C said...

i love ryan mcginley, he always does such interesting photoshoots.

and lucas hedges is looking really pretty in them, i like him more each year!

Robert H said...

At last, Lucas gets the McGinley treatment, and he looks as good here as Timothée did last year. I am puzzled about the timing, however. Lucas Hedges currently has no movies in cinemas or coming out. Boy Erased has gone to streaming or video and his next, "Waves" probably won't appear before autumn. His Broadway play "The Waverly Gallery" closed last month and a recent article in Hollywood reporter stated he had nothing scheduled soon. Besides being a talented and attractive rising young star, I don't understand why GQ would choose this particular time to feature him when he hasn't anything to promote...not that I'm complaining.

PS: Surprised to read il parle français y espanol! I wish more American actors with the capability would try working in another language.