Thursday, February 07, 2019

Great Moments In Movie Staches

Y'all had a lot to say about Velvet Buzzsaw earlier this week when I reviewed it which was a treat -- I love it when y'all leave comments! -- and I realized there were a couple things I didn't get to mention myself... most importantly probably being an attempt at making love to Tom Sturridge's purdy mouth with my words. Say what you will about his goofy accent, his goofy name, his goofy clothes -- but his goofy lil' man-stache brought into plain relief something I really should've noted before this: his lips are so red they're nigh obscene! No wonder he keeps getting called on for good gay kissing scenes. Them lips were made for licking.

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Bill Carter said...

I'm clearly in the minority, because I liked Velvet Buzzsaw. Didn't love it; don't need to see it again, but it was a pleasant enough way to pass a couple of hours.

The one thing I really hated, though, was the way it uglied-up Tom Sturridge, and that irritating little mustache was the main culprit.

First time a saw him was in a BBC TV movie called A Waste of Shame: The Mystery of Shakespeare and His Sonnets, which was sort of a very dark version of Shakespeare in Love, with Sturridge playing William Herbert, the "Fair Youth" in Shakespeare's sonnets, and Rupert Graves as Shakespeare. Sturridge was radiant in that film, probably because we were seeing him through Shakespeare's adoring eyes.

A year later, he was in Like Minds, one of those psychiatrist-meets-homicidal-schoolboy things. It’s pretty wretched, but you might want to search it out because A) the psychiatrist is played by TONI COLLETTE and B) Sturridge’s roommate is someone named Eddie Redmayne.

Totally ignoring the possibilities inherent in having Tom Sturridge and Eddie Redmayne as prep school roommates, the film is relentlessly No Homo. Not the slightest suggestion that anything could be going on between the two beautiful young men is even considered. I suppose that the film's creators may have been trying to avoid the gay=evil movie cliche, but ignoring the elephant in the room left the film without any depth.