Thursday, February 14, 2019

Good Morning, World

I was hoping I could do a great big and proper "Good Morning, Gratuitous Vincent Lacoste" post this week since Christophe Honoré's magnificent and slyly devastating gay romance Sorry Angel is out tomorrow (along with a special Valentine's Day screening tonight at The Quad) but it turns out if you google Vincent Lacoste you don't uncover the kind of volume one of those posts entails. 

I found a couple dozen photos of note (including this swimming scene from 2016's Tout de suite maintenant) but I guess we're still on the front-edge of this infatuation. He has been making movies for a decade, but he's only 25 -- we got time. He's also kinda goofy-looking, to be honest -- before I saw him in Sorry Angel I wouldn't have immediately thought to swoon. But he's all Timmy-levels kinds a'charming in this movie and I don't know how anyone could make it out the other side not wanting to nuzzle with this goof. 

I'm going to be out of town for the weekend and it's kind of driving me nuts that I have to wait until I get back next week to see this movie a second time. I have a feeling a second viewing is going to make me unravel, in the greatest of ways. Anyway my point is, for the fiftieth time, go see Sorry Angel the second you can, folks. It's the kind of stuff that the movies were made for.


Anonymous said...

Jason--He has a long full frontal scene in Jacky in the Kingdom of Women. Strange movie and he was even goofier looking back then--but thought you should know.

Adrian C said...

i love that he seems to have a lot of projects coming up. i want to keep seeing him in stuff.

Robert H said...

Thanks for the suggestion Mr. Or Ms. Anon. I just watched the trailer for "Jacky au royaume des Filles.". Tellement bizarre! But intriguing nevertheless.