Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Wilde (1997)
Oscar: Robbie is Canadian. You can tell by his youth.
Ada: Have you been brought to England to mature, Mr. Ross?
Robbie: That was the idea. But it doesn't seem to be working.
I've lived here since I was three and you see the pitiful result.
Oscar: Robbie comes from a long line of imperial governors.
His grandfather was Prime Minister of Upper Canada.
Or was it Lower Canada? The British take their class system
wherever they go. They apply it even to continents.
Ada: Are you planning to govern a continent?
Robbie: Oh, no. I don't even plan to govern myself.

I really have got to go back and watch Wilde sometime -- it's been so long the only thing I remember is Jude Law's assorted gay rompings, but then you never forget that kind of thing. I don't even remember that it was Michael Sheen in the movie, but then 22 years ago I didn't know who "Michael Sheen" was, now did I? Well now I certainly do...

... so I should wish him a very happy 50th birthday 
today, in hopes that he'll see this and come find me.

Happy birthday, Michael Sheen!

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Anonymous said...

When I saw Wilde in the movie house, the man playing Ross looked very familiar. I knew i'd seen those nostrils somewhere recently.
It was PBS Mystery!. He had a very suggestive (and disturbing) relationship with Paul Rhys in Gallowglass which had been broadcast earlier that month.

BTW, re: Wilde. I am shocked that you do not have Jude Law f**king Orlando Bloom on an endless loop!