Monday, February 25, 2019

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Francie: I'm sorry about all this, sergeant.
Do you think they'll hang me?
Policeman: I'm afraid there's no more hanging.
Francie: Sergeant, what's this world coming to?

I have really vivid memories of The Butcher Boy because it came out right when I'd just started working at the local art-house cinema in college (that'd be the great Little Theater in Rochester, New York, of course) -- but I haven't seen it since 1997, probably. Have any of you seen it recently? It seems somewhat forgotten, which is a real shame since I recall thinking it really special. (I mean Sinead O'Connor playing Mother Mary in 1997, when she was still pretty persona non grata due to her most righteous Pope-rip, was a great stunt.) Anyway there needs to be a good Neil Jordan retrospective some time -- hey perhaps even right now would be a good time, cough cough, since he's got Greta with Isabelle Huppert coming out on Friday? (Watch the trailer here.) I'm seeing the film tomorrow so stay tuned for more on that, but for now -- Happy 69 to Mr. Jordan!

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jas said...

I saw it when it came out and looooved it, but I was about 16 back then so maybe I was just an impressionable young person.. I saw it again a good 8-9 years ago and still loved it to bits. I think it's time to check back on it and see how it's holding up :) thanks for the reminder!