Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Whacking Rhapsodic

If you scan through our Rami Malek archives here at MNPP you'll see I've been a fan of his for awhile (since Short Term 12, I guess) so I feel okay with being vocally, uh, opposed to one of his performances. They can't all be gold, ya know? Just because I said of his work in Bohemian Rhapsody that "you could've replaced him with a pair of chattering wind-up teeth and a tossed handful of glitter and gotten the same effect" doesn't mean I don't look forward to what he does next.

Ohh... except I didn't actually say that... see, The Film Experience rounded up our reactions to the Golden Globes with Five Questions, read the post here, but one of the questions that didn't make the cut (because our answers apparently got too mean) was "Which win made you the angriest?" So now you know what I said to that. Or didn't. Nobody knows!

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