Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Let the Knife Sink In

One of this year's strangest and most exciting movies, the super gay giallo Knife + Heart, is gearing up for its March 15th release in NYC (and a week later in LA) with a just released poster and trailer, seen here. Here is my review of the film from the Brooklyn Horror Fest, in which I said:

"This is what it feels like looking from the inside out at our stories. No need to scour the edges of an Argento flick for a little queerish something - it's our time to shine, sweat and semen and blood on the dance-floor."

When I sat down to see it I was worried that a movie so entirely in my wheelhouse would disappoint but it did not. It's sexy and ridiculous and gorgeous and scary and strange and truly genuinely about something on top of all of that. Don't be surprised to see this movie factor in on my Best of 2019 list when the time comes - you should certainly be seeking it out.

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mangrove said...

I will never understand the shout-outs to Argento critics have made for this film: it’s obviously a love letter to Jean Rollin. From the tackiness of the sets to the dime-store look of the costumes and the elegiac scenes of nature, it’s just so much more evident who he was paying homage to.
And I understand how US critics cannot tell but that acting...