Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Good Morning, King

Happy Elvismas, everybody! Our heralded king was born on this day eighty-four years ago in a manger in Tupelo, Mississippi, and went on to star in movies like this classic seen here called Live a Little, Love a Little, co-starring Michele Carey (whose presence forced me to crop this shower scene somewhat since she proved a terrific distraction.) Anyway I'd never even heard of this one but the whole thing's on Dailymotion (split into two parts) if you so desire. So do you think he's wearing anything behind that frosted glass or what?


Johnnie said...

Now you can take your tree down! Long live the King!

Jason Adams said...

I would leave it up all year if I could! I like having it there

Neferew said...

I say he is completely naked behind that glass (even if he isn't). What a hottie. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to "take care" of something.