Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Good Morning, 2019

Ross Lynch of I Was a Teenage Jeffrey Dahmer and I was a Teenage Girl Witch fame was kind enough to ring in the holiday the right way with this shot on his Instagram - technically he shared it a couple days early on his December 29th birthday but it's generous enough, I think, to cover a good couple of days. (See more Ross Lynch here.) Anyway yes this means we're back, hello and I hope everyone had a good holiday season. I've got a little hangover and this is far earlier than I've gotten used to being awake for two full weeks now, so we're "here" in body only - the mind, as ever, is lagging. So let's go chug our coffee and see what happens...

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Spiorad Saor said...

I love that pic he is taking a shower with a couple of guys.