Thursday, December 13, 2018

Stephan James Eight Times

It's been a helluva year for Stephan James with the one two punch of his series Homecoming with Julia Roberts and his movie If Beale Street Could Talk from Moonlight director Barry Jenkins. I haven't talked much about Homecoming but I loved it, I flew right through the whole thing over Thanksgiving, and Stephan was one of the best things about it - did any of you watch? Anyway Beale Street's finally hitting the streets this tomorrow, and it's very much worth seeking out - here is my review from way back at the New York Film Festival. I'm looking forward to seeing what Stephan does next (which will probably be big since he just signed with CAA this very day.) You can hit the jump for the rest of this fine photo-shoot...


Adam said...

Is it wrong that I'm campaigning for a best costume design Oscar just for his Beale Street tighty whities?

Ryan T. said...

DAMN. Heyyyyy boy.