Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Let's Do the Peach Scene Again

The screen was small and the audience, uh, cumbersome...
... but I did indeed get to see Call Me By Your Name in the theater - as long as one defines "theater" as a room with several rows of seats bolted to the floor and a screen pulled down in front of them - one more time last night, which brings my total number of public screenings to... nineteen, I think? I think I made it to eighteen before the film left theaters last spring.

I have, naturally, also watched the blu-ray half a dozen times since then though, so this experience wasn't exactly revelatory - it might have been with better surroundings (oh to have my front-row seat at The Paris one more time) but I am thankful to the folks at NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò for doing what some smart art-house would be wise to figure out, which is that the audience is there for semi-regular screenings of this movie. The line last night was out the door, which, well, granted Andre Aciman was there for a Q&A after the film. But CMBYN has still got an enthusiastic cult and we will show up. Anyway as I mentioned Aciman was there and if you missed it here's video of him giving a little more information on that "sequel" (although he doesn't like that word) that he just recently made headlines about:


Anonymous said...

"He has beautiful feet." Were they talking about Armie or Timmy?

Jason Adams said...

It was when Oliver & Elio were playing footsie right before fucking, so I am not sure! Both their feet were on-screen. I think Armie has nicer feet though, personally.

Bill Carter said...

Perhaps you should start a cult like the one for Rocky Horror. People could show up for midnight screenings dressed as their favourite CMBYN characters, and the audience could vote for the best Oliver & Elio at each show.

Maybe everybody could sing along with the Psychedelic Furs, and throw peaches at the screen during relevant scenes, too.

Find the right venue, and there's good money to be made here, Jason. Not to mention the inevitable write-up in The Times.