Friday, December 07, 2018

I Called the Heroin Hot Line on Abby Hoffman

Alrighty as it was spoken I was off-blog for most of the day, prepping last-minute plans for a weekend in Baltimore to see the John Waters art show called "Indecent Exposure" at the Baltimore Museum of Art - I already asked this on Twitter and got some great replies but if anybody has advice on Baltimore Stuff To Do please do share in the comments! And I'll see you Monday! If rats don't come out and bite my new nylons, that is...

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Matthew said...

This may be WAY too late but the Aquarium is great (but kind of expensive) and there's great shopping in Hampden on the "Avenue" including a great bookstore with a bar in the back.

Also B-more is fantastic for food. Ida B's Table is an especially great newer restaurant known for being super queer-friendly.