Thursday, December 13, 2018

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #173

I just re-watched the trailer for Can You Ever Forgive Me? here at my desk to perk up my mood -- I do this a lot lately, along with the first Godzilla trailer, and it totally works, I recommend it -- and I realized that part of my adoration for CYEFM has got to go to the fact that it's a movie where a full 75% of its scenes (and that might be low-balling it) are set beside and among bookshelves. 

It's a great New York City movie, but even more precisely it's a great New York City Bibliophile movie - there are multiple scenes set in tucked away little bookshops that I've spent my twenty years here in the city wandering the aisles of; this movie literally feels like home to me because it literally is home. Cheers to that, Lee Israel & Co.

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