Thursday, December 20, 2018

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Elizabeth: I have seen these flowers all over.
They are growing like parasites on other plants.
All of a sudden. Where are they coming from?
Nancy: Outer space?
Jack: What are you talking about? A space flower?
Nancy: Well why not a space flower?
Why do we always expect metal ships?
Jack: I've NEVER expected metal ships.
The best version of Jack Finney's classic tale so far (and there have been countless versions, in name or not exactly) is turning 40 today! The 1956 movie is terrific and the 1993 one is super underrated, and just recently there was the criminally under-appreciated TV series BrainDead (sigh, rest in peace), but Philip Kaufman's movie really takes the cake for me. It probably just comes down to I like its angle on the material the best - the cult mentality of personal wellness that it satirizes strikes me as really smart. Plus it's got the best cast by miles...

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Rob91316 said...

Rarely does a remake surpass the original, but Kaufman's "Body Snatchers" certainly ranks. IMO, it's the best remake of any movie EVER -- with John Carpenter's remake of "The Thing" a close runner up.