Thursday, December 06, 2018

5 Off My Head: Globes Gotta Globe

I totally forgot that the Golden Globes nominations were being announced this morning, but perhaps that's for the best - reading through them over at The Film Experience just now left me wishing for a cocktail or ten and its a little bit early for that. Love for desperate dreck like A Star is Born is expected this season so I'm not letting that actually bother me, but a Best Picture (Drama) nomination for Bohemian Rhapsody is some real bullshit, as is a snub for all things Hereditary, and then this...

... actually gives me stomach pains. What a bad, bad decision that is! Especially when you've got Thom Yorke making gorgeous haunting music right over there in Suspiria! Ugh, Globes. But that's just it - it's the Globes, they gonna Globe, there's no point working one's self up into a froth. So let's look for happy things... which are all, weirdly, among the TV stuff. Here are a few of my favorite things...

5 of My Favorite Globe Nominations

Supporting Actor, TV
Ben Whishaw for A Very British Scandal

Actress in a Limited TV Series
Laura Dern for The Tale
Actor in a Limited TV Series
Daniel Brühl for The Alienist

Best Actress & Supporting Actor, Movie Drama
Melissa McCarthy & Richard E. Grant 
for Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Limited TV Series
The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Runners-up: Timothee Chalamet in Beautiful Boy
Stephan James in Homecoming
all of the ladies in The Favourite
anything ROMA

So what are your favorite nominations?


Jon said...

IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK. Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay. It's my favorite film of the year (so far) and I'm glad it's getting some love.

I'm a big stan for BLACK PANTHER, so glad it's getting recognized.

And MARY POPPINS RETURNS was a sheer delight.

I liked A STAR IS BORN, and I'm glad it's getting some noms too, but that's expected.

Rebecca said...

Charlize Theron for 'Tully' - on par with her 'Young Adult' performance - so funny and heartbreaking.

John David Washington for 'BlakkKlansman' - I would have to see again to know if he'd make my list of 5, but his performance was definitely an integral part of that movie's incredible ability to shift tones radically.

All the best original songs.

As far as TV goes, I'm perplexed as to Kristen Bell making it in, but not Ted Danson for 'The Good Place'. She's good, but Danson seems to be having the time of his life and I am here for it.

Sandra Oh for 'Killing Eve' made me happy, although that was bound to happen.

I also would have liked to see some love for 'Atlanta' other than for Donald Glover - especially with the year Brian Tyree Henry is having. I fully expect that in 10 years, saying 'Brian Tyree Henry is one of the best actors around' will be such an obvious statement as saying Meryl or Denzel is one of the best actors around.