Friday, November 09, 2018

Mark Ruffalo Really Hates the DuPonts, Huh?

Forgive me for using that old picture, but I needed some stache this morning. Anyway I guess Mark Ruffalo didn't get enough of the DuPont family name when he made Foxcatcher, because today comes word that he's tackling another shady story attached to that legacy -- he's going to star in Todd Haynes' next film (which was at one point called Dry Run but it's not clear if that's still the title) about a lawyer who doggedly pursued the DuPont chemical conglomerate because of their history of environmental pollution. It sounds very Eric Brockovich but with a dude, basically. 

This seems like a weird project for Haynes, doesn't it? Last we'd heard, back in May, Todd was going to make a mini-series about Sigmund Freud - no word on that here. And the only thing listed on his IMDb page is his "Untitled Peggy Lee Project" which seems way more in his wheelhouse. A legal drama about pollution would be a new sort of movie for Todd Haynes. Not that I think he's not talented enough to do it or anything. I mean, he'll be fine. To be perfectly honest though I was kind of hoping...

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