Monday, November 05, 2018

Good Morning, World


George Stevens' 1943 comedy romance The More the Merrier starring Joel McCrea (seen here behaving as if he'd never taken a shower before in his entire life) and Jean Arthur and Charles Coburn as the gruff old fella that brings those two pretty young things together was on TCM this past week (thx Mac) and it's a delight, but halfway through it the boyfriend turned to me and was like, "Haven't we seen this before?"

We hadn't, but we had just recently seen part of the 1966 Toyko-set remake called Walk Don't Run that has Cary Grant playing the old-timer who makes a match between Jim Hutton and Samantha Eggar. That one's also got its charm. It got me thinking that they should probably try to make this story again some time? But who could play the McCrea role...
Yeah. Just saying, Hollywood. Give it some thought. And
a happy birthday to Joel McCrea, born 113 years ago today.


jasonbkny said...

I didn't understand comedy in its truest form until I saw my first Jean Arthur movie.

Anonymous said...

Poor Joel doesn't understand hows however curtains work. I guess it's too late now.