Friday, October 19, 2018

Strode a Pose

Having re-watched John Carpenter's original Halloween last night in preparation for seeing David Gordon Green's update tonight I can say this much already - we really don't talk about how swank Laurie's outfit is once she stops being polite and starts getting real. (Insert your own The Real World: Haddonfield joke here.) But, uh, for real - Laurie really ups her style game once her life's on the line. Look how dumpy she is at the start:

I know entire books have been written on the subject so this isn't a novel catch but I do love how all the Final Girls, how part of their very being, is coming into their own, finding their best selves, under the knife. Anyway please share your thoughts on the flick if you see it herein the comments! And do stay tuned to the site over the weekend, as our "13 Mustaches of Halloween" series will continue...

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