Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Ryan Gosling Nine Times

Although none of you could successfully accuse me of being a Damien Chazelle fan - both Whiplash and La La Land have good moments but never came anywhere near my favorites of their respective years, and he personally seems kind of insufferable - I've still got my tickets to see First Man this weekend on the biggest IMAX screen in town because I do love me an outer space sequence shot for IMAX. Oh and Corey Stoll. Corey Stoll in IMAX please.

And this guy, this Ryan person here, well I guess he's not too shabby either. These photos are from this month's GQ - I haven't read the story yet, it appears kind of endless. Perhaps we can all read it together over lunch? Deal. But first let us all hit the jump for the rest of this photo-shoot...

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