Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #168

In the grand tradition of "characters needing to find shit out to advance the plot so they head to the local library" (we've covered a million such moments in this series already) Laika's 2012 all-hallows already-classic ParaNorman has just such a scene - well it's the local Town Hall's "Hall of Records" that Norman & Friends head to, but close enough.

They get some solid gags in there too, including Neil brushing the questionable dust off a book about asbestos and Big Gay Mitch using the heavier hard-backs as make-shift dumb-bells. 

My favorite gag isn't really a gag unless you strain for it, but I love the visual anyway - one of the zombies meandering through the stacks, reminding me of myself in college something fierce.

Anyway this is just what might become an annual reminder that ParaNorman is a perfect movie, Laika is a perfect studio, and it's the perfect season to revisit this flick for the fiftieth time.

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