Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Good, Uh, Afternoon, World


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Hey, hot stuffs! Ya good, ya good? I'm good - running around between NYFF screenings, you know how October rolls. Just wanted to give a quick hello before the dust bunnies took root. (I love and appreciate the fact that I'm such a spazz that me going a whole half a day, whoop-dee-doo, without posting feels like total abandonment, though. I am a child of divorce!) Anyway we'll see how today goes. But hey I just saw Claire Denis and Richard Pattinson! Don't believe me? Here's some proof...


Rui said...

does he get naked in the movie?

Jason Adams said...

No but he's shirtless for a good portion.

Another actor (whose name I don't know without looking it up) does get naked though.