Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Good, Uh, Afternoon, World


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Hey, hot stuffs! Ya good, ya good? I'm good - running around between NYFF screenings, you know how October rolls. Just wanted to give a quick hello before the dust bunnies took root. (I love and appreciate the fact that I'm such a spazz that me going a whole half a day, whoop-dee-doo, without posting feels like total abandonment, though. I am a child of divorce!) Anyway we'll see how today goes. But hey I just saw Claire Denis and Richard Pattinson! Don't believe me? Here's some proof...


Rui Silva said...

does he get naked in the movie?

Jason Adams said...

No but he's shirtless for a good portion.

Another actor (whose name I don't know without looking it up) does get naked though.