Thursday, October 04, 2018

Good Morning, Buster

The great and inimitable Buster Keaton was born on this day, the year 1895, so here I will share with you a fun little clip from his 1930 film Doughboys, which is about, guess what, a "naive and wealthy young man"...

... who's trying to impress a girl and accidentally signs up
to be in the Army in the process.
And something tells me hi-jinks then ensue.

Yup! Hi-jinks! (Are lo-jinks a thing? Lo-jinks should be a thing.) Anyway Buster has a big weekend ahead here in new York - Peter Bogdonovich's documentary about him called The Great Buster is opening here at the Quad, and alongside it they're running a series of his movies - check it out! Here's the full clip from Doughboys:


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