Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Who Wants To Give Henry Cavill a Job?

Any kind of job! He just needs a job! Quick! Any job that's handy will do! (Man I crack myself up.) Anyway jerk off jokes aside Henry Cavill is doing just fine - he just got that big Witcher show for Netflix last week - so the news that he's not going to play Superman for DC anymore doesn't quite relegate him to "that scary thing behind the diner in Mulholland Drive" just yet. Just yet! He's nearly there.

Seriously though the "sources" that THR have gave them about fifty reasons why this is happening - he couldn't find time to do a cameo in that terrible looking Shazam movie, DC is focusing on their Supergirl movie, they aren't planning on making a standalone Superman movie for several years, and oh right Henry Cavill is old. I think I covered the main hunk of reasons there. Buried in the news - it doesn't even merit its own headline, ha! - is the substantiation of the long-assumed-true rumor that Ben Affleck won't be playing Batman again either. Aww pour out a glass of Granny's Peach Tea, everybody - an era has ended!

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