Friday, September 14, 2018

Look For Me I'll Be Around

A quick programming note! If you're looking for me (perhaps like that girl over Jake's shoulder is looking for him to jump on it) it is about to get a smidge tougher, temporarily. The press screenings for the New York Film Festival start next week, meaning posting's about to get real spotty real quick, at least for a couple of weeks. Actually now looking at my calendar it's about a full month of spottiness -- the fest  runs all the way through October 18th. Jinkies, I'm already exhausted. (Click here to see ten films I'm most looking forward to seeing at NYFF this year.)

Anyway Monday (which will probably be super quiet here at MNPP) is a thrilling day for yours truly - I'm seeing both of the Jake Gyllenhaal Autumn Films (Wildlife and The Sisters Brothers) that day, along with Elisabeth Moss' latest. But more to come on those, eventually. For now go stare at more pictures of Jake radiating hot gold-chained sleaze at this Calvin Klein event on ye Tumblr, and we'll talk when we talk. Have a fine ass weekend, everybody!

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