Friday, September 21, 2018

Is That a Rook In Your Pocket Or...

It's been so so long since we've seen any photos of Michael Fassbender WORKING, you guys - his last film in theaters, the much (and rightly) reviled The Snowman (RIP Harry Hole) came out a year ago, and it was shot well before that. Ever since the only places he's been seen is gaying it up at the beach or, uh, gaying it up at the race-track. Oh and he like got married or something, whatever.

But now he's on set! (via) The set of the new X-Men movie, specifically. Hey, it's something. Yes the X-Men movies have been a series of rapidly declining returns but I'm hopeful that them re-tackling the best story in the canon - the Dark Phoenix Saga - will steer them rightward. Of course we've been through this once before, ruinously, so... we will see. (click 'em to embiggen)

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Anonymous said...

Another one whose sexuality I will always doubt :)