Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Good Morning, Krasinski

Unless y'all tell me I am missing something of extraordinary substance I'm probably never going to watch Jack Ryan because... I ain't got time for that shit. I'm halfway through about twelve shows right now, literally, and not terribly enthusiastic about any of them, I don't need one more. (The only show I'm currently watching that I chomp at the bit for the new episode to arrive is Castle Rock.)

But bless Jack Ryan all the same for, from what I had heard and now seen (thx Mac), a dedication to exploiting John Krasinski's true blue action-hero physique. It's why we're even talking about it! Well except for this dude. Calm down, dude. John Krasinski's Butt isn't gonna climb through the screen and eat you up. (Unfortunately. If it was gonna do that I would clearly be watching Jack Ryan, no holds barred.) Hit the jump for a couple bonus gifs...

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Petey said...

Emily Blunt is a very lucky girl indeed!