Wednesday, September 12, 2018

All That Glitters is Golding

Speaking of actors who're showing up in all the fashion magazines Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding (who's about to get his own tag here on the site I guess, given how many posts he's racked up in the past month) I totally missed this one from May in Esquire UK, even when I did his big gratuitous post, so let's right that wrong, and use these photos to accompany some hot new news -- Henry's playing gay in his next movie! In a chat with NewNowNext (thx Mac) he talks a a little about Monsoon, which is what it's called:

NNN: Growing up in England, what was your introduction to the LGBTQ community?

Henry: I was a hairstylist, so the environment I grew up in, it was normal. My upbringing was, “Be good unto others, be kind, stay healthy, and be happy.” [My parents] never set barriers. And being surrounded by that community, I saw it for what it is: a very loving, inclusive community. The thing is, it’s so normal for me; it’s weird when people ask me about it, it’s strange they’re asking me something so obvious. You don’t realize there are some people who are still affected by all this crap. I felt so strongly about it that in my third film [Monsoon] my character is gay. I wanted to portray a character with heart—and the fact that it’s his story that shines through, not the fact that he’s gay. He has this wonderful relationship, but the truth of the matter is the material really lends itself to his journey.

NNN: What else can you tell me about Monsoon?

Henry: It’s pretty darn steamy. And it’s really, let’s get back to the story, let’s not make the headlines if it’s an all-Asian cast, or if it’s a female story. Let’s just have it for what it is.

Pretty Darn Steamy sounds promising! Gathering up a little more info from IMDb I see that Monsoon is from writer-director Hong Khaou, who made the really lovely gay Ben Whishaw film Lilting - did y'all see Lilting? I apparently never properly reviewed the film, which is a shame - it's totally worth seeking out if you haven't caught it yet. I did post the trailer here though, and then separately some gratuitous gifs of Ben and his handsome co-star Andrew Leung....

Anyway we'll be keeping our eyes out for Monsoon, clearly! No idea when that will but if you need Henry now you're in luck -- he has the Blake Lively & Anna Kendrick thriller (directed by Paul Feig, of all people) called A Simple Favor out this very weekend - I haven't seen it yet but I'm totally there, it sounds like a trashy good time. Okay hit the jump for more Henry and his shelves (oh and these are super HQ so click them to embiggen while you're at it) then...

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