Monday, August 20, 2018

Quote of the Day

The living legend Udo Kier plays the Puppet Master (can I make the "Titular Role!" joke twice in one day?) in Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, the latest flick in that series (it's out on VOD right now, by the way) and AICN caught up with the actor to talk about that and about... well what do you ask a man that's worked with Werner Herzog and Andy Warhol and Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Lars von Trier and Dario Argento and on and on and on for the past fifty years? You ask him about all of it, and he'll happily reminisce (thx Mac). He gives several good quotes over the course of the chat, check the whole thing, but I especially enjoyed his answer to the question of what his favorite role has been... 

"... Commercially, which is Dracula [in Blood For Dracula]. Artistically, it was The Kingdom with Lars von Trier, where I play a baby. I'm going to be born onscreen. They build us this enormous body of the woman, and I was inside her stomach on a piece of wood with four wheels. My face was all blood and slime, and I heard the word ... and Lars says, "We cannot rehearse that because they have only one model." So then I heard the word 'action', and I push myself to come out with my head, and I went right away, going crazy, "Waaahhh!" That was maybe the most insane thing I remember that I ever did. I mean, who can say that they were born on screen?"

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