Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Putting the O in "Oh Shit It's Orson Welles!"

Orson Welles began filming The Other Side of the Wind in 1970. When he died in 1985 the film still wasn't done. Cut to 2018 (that's now, just in case you've been in a coma since Donald Trump was elected President, in which case I congratulate and envy you) and some folks got together and locked themselves in a room with the thousands of hours of footage Orson filmed and they assembled what's being billed as his movie, which will premiere at the Venice Film Festival this weekend. (And then it'll screen at the New York Film Festival, which I'll be covering.) And now we've got a trailer!

As you see therein the film stars John Huston as a director who returns to Hollywood after a self-imposed exile - they're calling it "a satire of the classic studio system and the New Hollywood that was shaking things up" in the 1970s, when Orson was filming this thing. Netflix owns the film (I actually don't believe any of this would have happened with their cash, so thanks Netflix) and will premiere it on their service (as well as a few theaters) on November 2nd. There are quite a few eye-popping shots in this footage seen in the trailer; if you wanna hit the jump I chose a few of my favorites and turned 'em into gifs...


Pierce said...

I never thought it would happen! This is worth waiting for!

par3182 said...

trippy, man