Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Live Long and Pecker

I'll never be accused of being the world's biggest Trekkie but I live with one and I appreciate the Trek universe fine enough - it's not a love, per se, but a genuine like for sure. If Bryan Fuller had stayed attached to Star Trek Discovery that might have changed - I'd have watched the show, at least! But he didn't, so I haven't gotten around to it - did any of you? Opinions seemed all over the place. Anyway I might have to give it a go now because the gorgeous and longstanding crush Ethan Peck (grandson of Gregory) has just landed the role of Baby Spock. Okay "Baby" is pushing it - Ethan is 32 now, which is the exact same age Zachary Quinto was when he took on the role in the 2009 Star Trek movie. Anyway you oughta scroll through our Ethan Archives, they're worth a click I promise, and then you can hit the jump here for a few more recent pics I just swiped off Ethan's Instagram as a means of celebration or whatever...

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