Monday, June 04, 2018

There's No Controlling... SUSPIRIA!!!

We knew that the trailer for Luca Guadagnino's remake of Suspiria was coming this week, and even probably that it was going to be today, because the official Twitter account for the film has been hinting such for several days. So I spent all weekend in a fret. Should I watch the trailer at all? Should I keep my eyes clean and fresh and unspoiled of anything? (Save those pictures I'd already posted a few weeks back, natch.) 

Well when I got into work and saw the trailer was already online I'll be damned if my senses didn't just fly right out the window - I didn't have a brain anymore, all I had was a pointer finger, one no longer in my control, and it was pressing play, and then pressing play a second time, a third time. It was as if... as if... I was possessed! By a... a coven! Shriek! Here's the trailer:

Visually I already knew and had prepared myself that Luca was going to go for something different than Argento's original 1977 technicolor horror show, so I'm fine with that. And it's not as if this minute and a half isn't stuffed with an unsettling glimpse of Thom Yorke's score plus plenty of gorgeous, frightening imagery...

I mean he's not skimping on visuals! They're just different. Anyway I was excited before, I remain excited now - I think Luca is a filmmaker at the top of his game right now and I'm just about on the verge of locking myself in a cryogenic freezer until this movie's out on November 2nd. What do you people, who might be more skeptical than in-the-tank me, think? And tell me whether I'm imagining things - does that cigarette smoke come out of Tilda's eyeball???


paco. said...

The look is giving very much Rosemary's Baby meets The House of The Devil. I AM IN!

mangrove said...

That MISSING poster in a German police station is all kinds of hilarious. I suppose this was Guadagnino‘s homage to Argento’s ‘don’t give a fuck’ later phase.

Why is the title card using a comb to underline the title? They want us to focus on the horrible wigs that much?

Anonymous said...


Jason Adams said...

mangrove -- I figured the comb is a reference to the comb full of maggots in the original film. Turning the letters of the title into maggots. Which i love! It's reminiscent of the original teaser that turned the letters of the title into pulsing hearts. I hope before the film comes out they go explicit and turn the letters into writhing maggots.

Daniel said...

I was all kinds of skeptical about this, just because Suspiria is such an original vision (although I do like the story) that any remake seemed doomed to fail. But this teaser is so perfectly unsettling and so very much its own thing that I went from a "maybe, if the reviews are good" to a "HELL YES, even if the reviews are bad!"