Monday, June 18, 2018

Quote of the Day

I imagine we're going to get a shit-ton of John Waters interviews over the next week leading up to the release of Criterion's fancy-pants blu-ray edition of his masterpiece Female Trouble next Tuesday, but this... well, this is the first. Newsweek chatted with him and per usual John's always worth your time, go read it. He says they found unseen footage from the film! But here's a bit where they asked him the eternal question, what he's working on right now and if that might involve a movie:

"I’m writing my book, Mr. Know it All. But yes, I keep getting paid to write movies and then they don’t make them. Recently, HBO paid me very well to write a sequel to Hairspray, which I liked, and we’ll see if it ever happens. I’m still in the movie business, I’m not just shown in the movie business. And then all my old ones keep coming out. The books do better than the movies. Just keep telling stories—it doesn’t matter."

HBO has a John Waters script for Hairspray 2 and they haven't made it? WTF. Why aren't we storming the HBO offices right now?

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