Monday, June 25, 2018

Jurassic World 2 in 200 Words or Less

Given our history I really shouldn't be walking out of Jurassic World (née Park) movies with as little an opinion either way as I walked out of the second Jurassic World movie this weekend. At least I walked out of the first one angry - I walked out of this one with a shrug. There was some beautiful film-making on display from director J.A. Bayona - some truly gorgeous and memorable shots, like the Brachiosaurus on the end of the dock or the one that twisted upside down and over the rooftop with the Whatever-a-saurus-raptor thing. 

Individual moments deliver. But I just don't know what these movies are in service to anymore, at least not unless I allow myself the entirely cynical answer of "money" -- which is obviously the end-game for many, very many, people involved with these movies. But not all. Or so one would hope? But I just don't get it, whatever it is. There's a tactility missing now - I think these movies really needed the grounding that the very last gasp of practical effects gave them, and now that we can see these computer-generated whatever do whatever it's whatever.


MTMSLG said...

These movies have clearly lost their way. The beauty of the first film was that Michael Crichton and Spielberg made you believe that dinosaurs were real. The awe, the wonder, and the danger were palpable. Now, as you imply, it's all about the $$$.

Curt said...

Totally agree. There were some great moments throughout the film, and I appreciated that they went for an almost Alien-like horror finale, but it didn't really add up to a worthwhile movie. And just like the first one, the all CGI dinosaurs just do not feel real or awe-inspiring or terrifying.