Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Izzy Is As Izzy Does Do

Some movies just depend, hair-do down to toenails and back up again, on their lead actor. On our relationship to the lead actor. Sometimes you just wanna hang out with somebody, ya know? Sometimes that's enough inside the pretend play-palaces of the movie-house - pretending the person up there on the screen is our best friend for ninety or so minutes. And so it goes with Izzy Gets The F*ck Across Town, the new movie out this weekend that gives we the viewers the ultra fine experience of spending eighty-six straight minutes pretending Mackenzie Davis is our bud. I ate it up.

The movie itself is a series of barely strung together vignettes that take our titular Izz from, you guessed it, one side of town - in this case we speak of modern-day Los Angeles, although a little bit magical-realized with its interstitial pink-spiked dream sequences; think Anna Faris and Smiley Face for a good companion - to the other side of town over the course of one day. 

She meets a cast of random characters, played with varying degrees of lackadaisical charm by other actors we just want to hang out, actors like Haley Joel Osment and Alia Shawkat and Annie Potts and LaKeith Stanfield, and at the end of the rainbow some kissing on the swoony Alex Russell. The scenes have nothing to do with one another other than the feeling that hey, it might be fun to watch Mackenzie Davis play off of this other awesome person, and so it is! So it goes. Again and again.

Basically if you ever wanted to stand beside Mackenzie Davis covered in maybe-blood, maybe-booze, and blow smoke in a bitchy jogger's face with a mad-eyed cackle, this movie's for you. It goes down easy as easy is - straight Mackenzie smooth no chaser. And then, and then, there is one absolutely fantastic sequence towards the end that pays off your patient-vibed dividends, involving no less than Carrie Coon, a long sequence of intimate close-ups, and beautiful music made and sung and acted the F*CK out of, and I felt truly special. Izzy, if you wanna make a movie about getting back to the other side of town I'll be your plus one, promises and pinky swears.

IzzIzzy hits theaters this very weekend, 
and you can watch the trailer right here!

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Thanks for the review, I'll try and catch it.