Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"I want them to be proud of me."

Raise your hand if you just had to shield your face from a co-worker who just walked into your office because you'd just finished watching the Beautiful Boy trailer and you were literally doubled over at your desk having some sort of miniature emotional break down, choking with tears streaming down your face...

If you could see me then you'd know... yes my hand is up, but also you should probably steer clear of me... I'm a fucking wreck. Anyway the Beautiful Boy trailer is here and if it is any indication of what Timmy's done again then that boy should have gold in his future. Should. Should, that is. He should have gold in his recent past but we saw how that went. Anyway, trailer!

Beautiful Boy is out on October 12th.


billybil said...

Oh yeah. Yes, yes, yes. They both look so wonderful in this. I cannot wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Carrell and Chalamet's acting in the trailer is insanely good.

And I bawled too.

Anonymous said...

That diner scene, out of context at least, seemed a lot like Acting 101, though.

I think the Explosions in the Sky music in the rest of it doesn't help matters.

I think it'll be a much subtler affair than the trailer indicates, which is nice.

Chalamet's true test of talent, for me, will be how he handles Henry V. CMBYN was his breakout, and good for him, but I don't see a lot in this that he wouldn't have been able to pull off in his acting classes.

Also, granted I'm not familiar with the story, but doesn't the excessive use of meth affect one's skin and physical body in general? Doesn't look like, again, at least from the trailer, that they're doing much about that aspect of it.

Anyway, a cautious yes.