Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #153

About 75% of the the 1957 Tracy-Hepburn comedy Desk Set is set inside of Katherine Hepburn's double-floored research department, which is lined with the glorious medicinal-colored shelving units of its day - lord do I love me a generic green-hued display of old-school office equipment. My favorite scene is the Office Christmas Party...

... which drops a gorgeous rainbow metallic atom bomb at its center; I find this color palette so soothing, you guys. It feels like home. Anyway as Spencer and Hepburn splinter off to flirt...

... they're framed betwixt some of these shelves, all the better to duke out the pair's ever effervescent word-play, which in this case has to do with the shelves themselves - Tracy that cad wants to do away with them and shove a great big bleeping-blooping computer machine in their stead!

What a beast. Well, inevitably, he'll learn his lesson.
Nobody puts Kate in the corner, baby.

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joel65913 said...

Love it! This is my favorite movie of the pair's couplings. They have mellowed into such a comfortable place with each other, were working with a fun and clever script and are supported by one of the best supporting lineups (I adore Joan Blondell in this) of any of their films. And then there's that fabulous set!!

Also this is where my love of the dessert Floating Island began. I heard Kate mention that was what they were having after being stuck in the rain and I was on the hunt. I was delighted to discover it was absolutely scrumptious. The best I've ever found was in a sidewalk cafe in the French city of Rouen in a mall built around a monument where Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake. What a world!