Monday, June 25, 2018

Good Morning, World

Did any of you catch The Talk of the Town, George Stevens' 1942 flick starring Cary Grant and Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman on TCM last night? I was only able to catch half of it (I had to switch over to my beloved Claws of course) but I plan on watching the rest when I get home tonight. Or maybe you've seen it before? I enjoyed what I saw and Cary is looking pretty prime in it. Colman's not so bad himself - he's got the perfect hair and beard in it, which for some reason everyone keeps making fun of. Did people not wear beards in 1942? Anyway happy Monday and hit the jump for a couple more Cary gifs if you feel so inclined...

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joel65913 said...

I've seen it before and while it isn't a definitive film in any of their careers it's certainly an enjoyable one. I liked Ronnie's look too but I guess such were the times. Cary and Colman pretty much have a suave-off going on.

Jean Arthur is charming in it as well but I have a hard time with her ever since finding out that she was pretty much a horror show behind the scenes. She suffered from an almost paralyzing stage fright which manifested itself in a frosty standoffish personality and screaming fits with her directors. They stuck with her because they knew she's deliver the goods once she made it in front of the cameras but it sounds like a hard road.