Monday, June 18, 2018

Good Morning, World

Y'all caught up with Claws right? You took my recommendations, plural, you watched the first season, and then you had the common sense to see it's one of the funniest strangest and somehow sweetest things on TV right now, and so now you're addicted... right? Good. The first two episodes of the second season have been as batshit enchanting as ever, introducing an already legendary in my mind performance from Franka Potente as a colorful (understatement!) Georgian Mob Boss - we've adored Franka since Run Lola Run and been dismayed at how under-served she's been in the years since so this is a treat. 

And then of course there's Jack Kesy seen here as the affable douche-bag Roller, be still my "heart." (Although we are all just waiting for Jane Adams to show back up to torment him, right?) Gah this show. I love it so. Y'all better be watching! I'm so tired of things I love going away (cue the sad strings)...


Mike Johnson said...

It's a crime to have two shows geared towards up against each other, as it is with "Pose" and "Claws." Last week, they pitted the Tony Awards against both shows which is a gay triple bomb. Some shows are in danger of flying off the rails, but "Claws" does it on a weekly basis with gleeful, entertaining abandon. Niecy Nash is a national treasure and really brings a lot of heart to the show, as does Carrie Preston, who I adored on "True Blood" and "The Good Wife." The true essense is that regardless of nonsense, the characters are so well drawn that you root for them. Just great.

Alias74 said...

I've been feeding for Jack Kesy ever since I saw him in that gay indie "Morgan" (not the Splice-RidleyScott Jr. ripoff). He was even sexy in the Strain.

Kesy is just a hot sexy perfect man with a perfect hot sexy man-ass.