Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Good Morning, World

If you'd have told me back in 1998 that the male cast-member of The Faculty who'd go on to flash his ass every chance he got would be Shawn Hatosy (and not Josh Hartnett or Usher or hell even Elijah Wood) I'd have said... well I'd have been fine with that then and I am fine with it now. On Southland (see here) and now on Animal Kingdom (with yet another large ensemble of men who should be showing off their asses) Shawn has shown a willingness to throw himself right into a show's gratuitous shower scenes with gusto, and Shawn, we love you for it. Has anybody been keeping up with Animal Kingdom? I am way way behind...

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Ryan T. said...

Don't really watch Animal Kingdom for the plot if you know what I'm saying.