Thursday, June 14, 2018

Army of Maniac Cops

I don't think any of us appreciate how good Bruce Campbell looks in William Lustig's classic 1988 B-movie Maniac Cop - I've posted about it myself before but, still. It deserves repeating. More repeating. I got to see the movie projected on 35mm with Mr. Lustig there for a Q&A last night at the Roxy Cinema just around the corner from my office and man that movie is just a good time at the movies. They're screening the print again tonight - it's the director's own copy! - along with the sequel, if you're free and open to fun things I recommend it. For fun. And here's a video I took of Lustig telling a little story last night:


Countervail said...

I have always been aware of how good Bruce looked. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've always had a thing for guys with what I can only call 'caricature masculine' features. Bruce Campbell, Adam Driver, Lou Ferrigno - sort of comically big jaws, big noses or strong brow ridges. Maybe it's a primal caveman thing. Anyway, I discovered Maniac Cop a few years ago on late-night TV and let's just say I paid no attention to the story...