Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Stick 'Em Up, Armie

Armie Hammer has been posting some fun pictures on his Instagram from the set of Darkest Dark, his now-filming thriller with Under the Shadow director Babak Anvari - we already posted a good one a couple of weeks ago - but this one of him getting handcuffed is... better. Especially knowing his... predilections....

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Robert H said...

"Blattodea", "Darkest Dark", or whatever title this "Babak Anvari project" ends up taking' I hope it turns out to be a success not only for its talented young, director, but also for Armie Hammer. Anne Helen Petersen notwithstanding, he's a fine, under- appreciated actor who has yet to find that role that would kick him into the stratosphere. He's already proven more than once he can shine in an ensemble, but what he needs is something that would set him apart and allow him to connect with audiences as he never has before. If this is not quite that, I hope it's at least another step forward for him like "Call Me By Your Name." He's been making good choices with some intriguing movies (and a play!) coming up. I wish him good luck.