Thursday, May 31, 2018

Say Good Night, Michael

As the prophesy foretold this week has come to a quick and un-showy end - just three short days and I'm done til Monday. Good riddance, I'm already exhausted. Next week is a good one though - Hereditary is finally out next Friday! And so is the Mister Rogers documentary! (Now there's a double-feature.) Oh and the finale of Sense8 that us fans wished into existence pops up next Friday too! So y'all do what you gotta, go watch American Animals and tell me how dumb my "not a review" review was or whatever, stare at these pictures here of Michael B. Jordan and then go stare at the pictures of Chadwick Boseman that I posted earlier on the Tumblr and have yourself a stylish Black Panther fantasy-time; I'll see y'all Monday.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not that I mind... at all... but MBJ is turning into Taylor Lautner circa 2010... all shirtless all the time!