Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Now We Expect Half Naked Chris Hemsworth

(click to embiggen) EW dropped three more pictures from Drew Goddard's movie Bad Times at the El Royale last night including yet another shot of half-naked Chris Hemsworth - see the first one here! - proving Chris has accepted his fate in this world, his olied-up lot in life, and we are all glad for it. A hand for Chris! Also pictured here are Chris' co-stars Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson, and Jeff Bridges.

EW has a little bit more emphasis on little bit on what the movie is about too, although Goddard is playing the mystery game - which is fine by us because we loved Cabin in the Woods and were extremely happy that movie wasn't spioled for us going in. I hope he can pull the rug out from us again and again!

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MJL said...

I hadn't scrolled all the way down -- for a moment there, I thought you were suggesting Dakota was playing a taxidermy bear.