Monday, May 14, 2018

House Sweet House

Provocateur Lars von Trier's latest provocation the serial killer movie called The House That Jack Built starring Matt Dillon is premiering like any minute now at Cannes, and timed to the inevitable critical reaction spilling onto Twitter a full trailer's just been unleashed. It is... difficult to watch at moments, which no doubt is a feeling that will carry over to watching the film itself. S'up to you...
I posted the first pictures from the film right here
this is scheduled to hit theaters this fall.


Robert H said...

Good Gawd! I see what what you mean. That is a seriously disturbing trailer, effectively designed to give nightmares. I'm simultaneously intrigued and repulsed, which I suppose was the intention. Matt Dillon has a knack forsick and twisted. Who knew? I think I want to see it...

FoxVerde said...

what an awesome trailer!