Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Good Morning, World

If I was smart, if I didn't have Oscar Wilde's quote that "Nothing exceeds like excess" tattooed upon my private parts, if any of those things were true then maybe I would save some of this morning's Instagram bounty for a rainy day when there wasn't so much to post. Alas. I gotta give. This my curse. So we'll post all three. Above is Sense8 star Alfonso Herrera showing off that current beard he's been rocking. (See more beard here.) And then...

... we have James Badge Dale enjoying 
some early beach time. And then...

... we have Tom Hopper (from Black Sails and Game of Thrones - see more of him over here) wishing us a top of the morning (in this instance I suppose that makes him the "top.") So good morning, everybody! (And since we've got a triptych here if anybody wants to "Do Dump Marry" them in the comments I wouldn't argue with that.)

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