Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Good Morning, World

The 1986 adult thriller The Big Easy starring (a highly fuckable) Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin - which we used for yesterday's "Fives Frames" post, hence it being on our minds - has kind of been forgotten by time, hasn't it? I'm pretty sure I saw it at an age when I was too young to see it and then never thought about it again... until yesterday's "Five Frames" post. Perhaps Louisianans think of it more often, confronted as they no doubt are with the phrase "The Big Easy" more often than I am as a New Yorker? I mean "Big Easy" was my nickname in college, but I've settled down since then...

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Unknown said...

As a New Orleanian, I don't really think of it at all. (Though we have Prime Quaid right there though..) My favorite depictions of NOLA (for better or worse..) are in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Princess and the Frog, the whole sequence in Easy Rider and (for both Pre-Katrina locales and added camp value) Dracula 2000. Treme nailed the daily life but I also can't bring myself to watch all the way for reasons that have nothing to do with the show.