Thursday, May 10, 2018

Good Morning, Fred

Is the movie Royal Wedding remembered for anything besides Fred Astaire's famous "ceiling dance" or is that it? I tried watching it on TCM a couple of months ago, got to the ceiling dance, and then called it quits. I remember literally nothing of what I watched except the ceiling dance. (I think there might have been... a wedding... involving royalty?) Anyway I'd never seen the ceiling dance before then and it's a treat, so start your day with that movie magic here on the 119th anniversary of Fred Astaire's birth.


joel65913 said...

It's a lesser Astaire film, though that ceiling dance is rightly famous.

The backstory of the film is more interesting than what is on the screen. June Allyson was originally cast as Fred's sister but had to drop out due to pregnancy and Metro insisted that Judy Garland step in though she was in terrible shape and had struggled through her last film Summer Stock. She fell apart after only a couple of days and the studio fired her leading to a suicide attempt. It was then that Jane Powell was cast. She's sprightly in the part but almost a full 30 years younger than Fred!!

Also Fred's romantic interest in the film Sarah Churchill was Winston's daughter.

Pierce said...

I think the number that Jane Powell and Fred do, "How Can You Say You Love Me When You Know I've Been a Liar All My Life is loads of fun, and Jane is a good partner for Fred!